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  • Our goal is to make choosing green energy easier by
  • providing information about certified green energy suppliers and
  • providing information about eco certifications and labels.

Green Energy GuideChoose green electricity today!

Choosing green electricity is an easy and useful way to reduce your impact on the environment. It is also a signal to producers and to authorities that they should upscale investments in the production of renewable electricity, such as electricity from wind and sun.

Most electricity companies give their consumers -i.e. you- the choice between ‘green electricity’ and ‘grey electricity’. If your supplier does not have a green product, it is worth to switch to another supplier. The price won’t be a problem. Rather the opposite: not choosing your producer and sticking to the ‘standard product’ almost always leaves you with an expensive contract.

The history of Socket Stories


Socket Stories was born when 48 hour filmmaking challenge in Finland and creative minds at Lumi partnered with Ekoenergy. The goal was to promote green energy by organizing a film competition. Competition has now ended, but Socket Stories continues its task. Our goal is to:

  • help consumers find green energy suppliers,
  • do research on sustainable filmmaking and
  • blog about sustainability and DIY green stuff

Competition Jury was

PASI TOIVIAINEN is a director, documentarist and science journalist specialised in climate change. He has worked as a TV journalist since 1998 for the Finnish public broadcaster company YLE.

ANNELI JÄÄTTEENMÄKI is currently a member of the European Parliament. She is a master of law and has worked as a lawyer from 1981 to 1987 before becoming a member of the Finnish Parliament in 1987.

SERBAN M. COPOT, alias Hiena, is a Romanian pop musician and the chief of the environmental organization Generatia Verde. Serban used to work as the Romanian Ambassador of Climate Changes at the EU. He is also internationally known as the winner of MTV Europe Music Awards.

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