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Switch to Green Electricity

Suggest switching to green electricity?

Click the image below and let us know who you would like to see switch to green electricity. Add link to their Facebook / Twitter account so that we can send them a friendly message. The message will be something like “Someone wishes that you would switch to green electricity”. We will also send the marketing person of that company a list of green energy providers in that area.

Find a green electricity provider

We have collecting green energy providers on our map so it would be easy for you as a consumer to make the right choice. All the companies on our map are certified by a well recognized third party. Different eco labels for electricity and their certification processes can be found on our page.

Go to map page to browse a green electricity providers

Tag image with companies you think should go green - City Grey

Tag image with companies you think we should thank for being green - City Green

Who we are

This is a community project not a marketing scheme for power companies. We want people, organizations and companies to buy green energy.

Choosing green electricity is an easy and useful way to reduce your impact on the environment. It is also a signal to producers and to authorities that they should upscale investments in the production of renewable electricity, such as electricity from wind and sun.

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